Become a Spare Shelf Vendor

cropped-img_9543.jpgan Alternative Storefront Reality
Spare Shelf is The Store Where Virtual Meets Reality.

  • Do you create one-of-a-kind beauty?
  • Do you need a real world place to show real people what you are able to create?

Spare Shelf is a real place where real people can come and see the real thing. They can touch and feel and see and purchase.

If you are looking for a way to get your product noticed in the real world, Spare Shelf is for you. Please contact us for more details. As we progress, we will be filling in the blanks here. Come back to this page for the full story soon or contact us at the available options below for more details.

Spare Shelf The Store Where Virtual Meets Reality
Spare Shelf on Twitter (coming soon)
Spare Shelf on Pinterest (coming soon)
If you have a Spare Shelf in our real store, you can be featured with other Spare Shelf Vendors. . .
SSBucksRusticFrames2 SSLollipopsPolkaDots SSRawkMama SSSpoolTeacher SSSucculentSalon SSYourSpareShelf2
Spare Shelf Vendors Page


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