Hand-Made in Benson


Spare Shelf is looking for quality, custom, handmade merchandise that is out-of-the-ordinary, useful, necessary or uplifting. We want to create a culture in our store that will provide our community with a way to create work and earning potential in an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you live in Benson, AZ and hand make something that meets our criteria, you can get a free link to our website.

For those who take a Spare Shelf in our actual Storefront, your product can also be featured in our virtual Spare Shelf shop on Etsy.

Spare Shelf wants you!

Contact us now for more information:

An Alternative Storefront Reality

Spare Shelf The Store Where Virtual Meets Reality
Spare Shelf on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/SpareShelf
Spare Shelf on Twitter (coming soon)
Spare Shelf on Pinterest (coming soon)

Hand-Made in Benson:
SSBucksRusticFrames2 SSLollipopsPolkaDots SSRawkMama SSSpoolTeacher SSYourSpareShelf2


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