Gentle Lady’s New Window Treatment

Detail of cornice box cut-out to allow for moldingNotice the attention to detail of the cornice box’s profile where it meets the molding/moulding (both correct) at the ceiling. Very important to Custom work. Speaks volumes as to professionalism.

Picking out the cornice style first

This client called Ms. SpoolTeacher out for a new window treatment. This is what we started with:This is what we started with.

Of course, Ms. SpoolTeacher always has other recommendations to make. This Gentle Lady was all for her suggestions to “rearrange” some of the wall decor and furnishings, and ?? perhaps paint the main focal wall a color?? Gentle Lady agreed.

Painting the focal wall a complimentary color But what color?

Ms. SpoolTeacher uses her intuition a great deal and recommended doing something dynamic rather than safe. Why bother else wise, eh?

Gentle Lady obliged and was happy with the results.

They picked the color/colour and proceeded to determine the fabrics and application of the color scheme for the cornice box, sheers and lined drapery/curtains as functional panels. The window faced the main street and she wanted to be sure to have complete privacy, which sheers will not accomplish at night with lighting going on inside. Daytime, they are hard to see through, very hard.

Red satin fabric  to be used as trim on the contour of the cornice and as an inset on the lead edges of the lined panelsThis red satin fabric was to be used as trim/cording on the contour of the cornice and as an inset on the lead edges of the lined panels.

Sometimes the workrooms do what they want and Ms. SpoolTeacher is left to pray the Gentle Lady doesn’t see what Ms. ST sees and doesn’t like, the insets were set back too far from the lead edge. You can talk til you are blue in the face sometimes, if the workroom “always does it this way”, good luck getting them to deviate, even if they agree they will. Somewhere the communication gets lost and standard procedures are followed. Gentle Lady made no bones about it!

Primary satin fabric color for lined curtain panelsThis color would be used for the primary satin fabric for the lined, functional curtain panels. It would “go with” the existing decor scheme but add a dimension of nuance of color to not be too matchy matchy. There were other elements that it would coordinate with.

The sheer would be not too pink, not too yellow, just right/white.The sheer would be not too pink, not too yellow, just right/white; good ole faithful oyster with a texture.

It too would be on a traversing rod and open from the center.

Customer happy, touching the final product.
Happy Gentle Lady touching the final product. Little changes make a world of difference, don’t you think? She did have her husband expand the red color to walls you see upon entering. It all looked very nice.Little changes make a world of difference This is what we started with.
It all turned out very nice


2 thoughts on “Gentle Lady’s New Window Treatment

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, so often designing involves making what exists better. Much of the fun is in trying to reconcile all of the juxtapositions and come up with something that is, at the least, cohesive.

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