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Working from home. Type those words in your browser and what you get is a bunch of gimmicky ideas for how to “Get Rich Quick” or “Girls Wanted” kinds of things.

Type in and a whole ‘nother story arises. Amazing evidences of wonderful success stories of people who have had an idea and found a niche within which to market it; and who are finding great success doing so and mostly all from the safety, comfort and very cost effective usefulness of their own homes.
Working from homeMs. Spool Teacher is trying to find that one thing that will work for her to do the same, work from home and have success. Success to Ms. ST will be a living wage. As it is now, she does work from home. Yes she does. She uses the moniker of Ms. Jackie of all Trades SpoolTeacher because at present, she is willing to do whatever her talents and skills give her the ability to market so she can at least keep her head above water long enough while she is Finding That One Thing that will be her turning point..

Ms. SpoolTeacher has a childhood friend who has managed to find her one thing and is working from home, mind you, doing what she loves, loves, loves…she is an ornamental horticulturist and worked long and steady in the business of selling on the road for nurseries. When she finally decided she wanted independence, she barely looked back. She has worked extremely hard to get to where she is now. She’s made it look easy; but Ms. ST knows for a fact that she works relentlessly and with great skill and acumen, and does not waste a minute and that it was not an overnight success. She has tried many roads to get to where she is now.

Succulent Heart Wreath 13 inch diameter

She makes the most beautiful succulent creations, markets and sells them at her shop, Succulent Salon, on Etsy.

She also sells cuttings for people to make their own creations.

Ms. SpoolTeacher really admires her in complete and tries to follow her advice and example.

Ms. ST’s passion is sewing, so of course, the succulent thing would not do for her, though she has a minor collection of them that Friend-in-CA has sent and she treats them like babies bringing them in and out daily because they aren’t hardy in the harsh desert winter night freezes. She loves them. Lately Friend-in-CA sent her a box of clothes she thought Ms. ST could use to up-cycle and sitting there on the top was a little ray of sunshine from California to brighten up her winter months of doldrums.

succulent salon, ray of sunshine from CA

It looked like a sunburst and Ms. ST quickly went out to get some cactus potting soil and put it in a pot almost the same color as itself.succulent salon, ray of sunshine from CA

One of the vendors that Ms. SpoolTeacher follows on Etsy is AllThingsPretty by Debra Dorgan. She thinks this girl has it together and loves the creations she comes up with using all kinds of found resources. It isn’t often that she “favorites” shops that are so global because she really wants to do what she can to support her USA compadres.

But this girl strikes a cord that speaks to Ms. ST’s own aesthetic and resourcefulness and she likes to see what she comes up with next.

AllThingsPretty on Etsy by Debra Dorgan

AllThingsPretty on Etsy by Debra Dorgan AllThingsPretty on Etsy by Debra Dorgan

She feels inspired just looking at her wonderful work..

For now, Ms. SpoolTeacher is utilizing the resources she has on hand to their best use as she sees it. She is developing her own aesthetic and a repertoire of creations to draw new inspiration from.

It’s a process.

puffy hearts on sale at SpareShelf on Etsy

Of course, it’s near Valentine’s Day, so she focused on hearts for the moment.


pocket, Will You Marry Me heart pillow

using the resources she has to their best result

The longer one works from home, the bigger home one seems to need but one must maximize space and carry on. Bigger is not always better.

You always need a dream anyway, right?



Gingerbread House

(/\ photo belongs to

Gingerbread-aholic, that’s what she is. She has a hard time editing. She likes to put lots of detail in anything she does. Especially sewing as it is an opportunity to “apply” (i.e., applique) more of her acquired repertoire of skills, techniques, and abilities.

It shows up in everything she does.


Hand-painted Checkered Floor treatment

Not Your Mothers Smock

Not Your Mothers Smock

Egyptian Cotton Pillowcase Curtain

Egyptian Cotton Pillowcase Curtain

So it’s very hard to believe that she is all about minimalism, scaling down, doing with the least of things, doing with what she already has. The problem there is that she has a lot. A lot, lot, lot. Big Lots! Of course she is “still not 60” and has had a hoarding ability handed down by her mother who threw away/parted with not very much, so she has had lots of time to “collect”.

She thinks that the reason why her house always ends up congested is because that is the comfort she brought from childhood.

When she was little, as has been told here before, she lived in a very small 30 x 30 “cracker-box” (her mother called it) house. As the years progressed and the three little girls grew up, the more they accumulated the more furniture went into a room. She lived there until she was 13 with wall to wall, floor to ceiling stacked furniture, every drawer or cubby filled to the max.

So now as she edits things out and starts to believe she is on her way to minimalism, she realizes she is bored with nothing to look at.

She’s an analyzer. An introvert who likes to think, think, think. She likes to have something to think about and for her eyes to fix on for inspiration of what next to think about.


But she is trying very hard to get to her desired goal of minimalist living. She really wants not to have so much stuff. Indigenous people wonder why industrial societies need so much “cargo”, they call it. And that’s just what it feels like.

But, she still likes gingerbread, the cookies and the look, and little Gingy of course.

“Not the gumdrop buttons!”

So today, she is going to be making some little Christmas Stockings big enough to put just a candy bar in, like what one of her “Room Mothers” made and gave all of the class for a Christmas treat when she was in elementary school. Yes, she still has it. It had a Milky Way bar in it. It made a big, big impression on her little thinking mind. Now all these years later, she will use it as a pattern and try not to Gingerbread-aholic it up too much.

She will be using her stock of fabric sample books for curtain making/upholstery from days gone by when she did that kind of stuff as well as other things from her stash of goodies.

Does she have you waiting With Bated Breath to she what she comes up with?

Check back soon for the results. Or check out her Etsy shop and “Favorite” it to see them as soon as they are posted. (heart)

Update: currently at her shop on Etsy. (get while they are available!)

Christmas,candy bar,stockings,approx 8.5",upcycled,designer, fabric,swatches,trimmed,novelty,glasses case,gift card,candy bar, trinket

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