“Long-haired freaky people need not apply”

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

Ms. SpoolTeacher went in to a new local store to see what it was all about and if they might be hiring. Of course, she knows it will be an online application process; but she likes to do things like they were done when she was just a lassie, looking for her first jobs…(around the same time as this song, “Signs”, was first released by the Five Man Electrical Band.) She was thinking she might try to seek out the manager and chat him up before he got the clue that she was interviewing him for a job.

As she approached the check out counter with a big bag of her favorite dog food in tow, she said to the 20 something girl there, “It looks like they don’t hire anyone over 20?”

“Oh yes, there is one man who is in his 70’s.”

She wanted to ask if he was white and 200lbs because it has been her experience that those are the most popular attributes for being hired…white male, 6′ tall, 200 lbs. But she kept her trap shut.

The other 20 something girl standing nearby (both of them wearing cowboy boots to tromp all day on concrete in) said, “If it will make you feel any better, we are both over 20.”

No, it didn’t make her feel any better, or worse for that matter; because, Ms. SpoolTeacher knows in her heart of hearts that she is doing what she should be doing. What she loves.

Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow

Yes, sometimes it feels like the money will never follow, but it does. Miraculously, minute by minute, day by day, week by week, somehow her needs are always met. “Thank you Lord.” She puts money in her account and goes and pays a bill. It is keeping her very humble. But it has miraculously worked for at least 10 years now, really more, all her independent entrepreneurial times accumulated.

So she knows too that she is not a Long-haired freaky people, wait a minute, yes she is; but she is as old a Job and that isn’t what employers are really looking for these days. At least not in significant numbers. They want people who haven’t already been worn down by a system that isn’t working. So she plods along on her entrepreneurial journey, sure it will pan out soon. Sure as sure.

She made another “sale” on Etsy yesterday! Yeah! “It works if you work it so work it you’re worth it” she says to herself. She knows that’s an AA chant, but it works for lots of applications. She uses whatever has proven to be a success tool. And one tool she has found to be successful is reaching out and helping others. First. Not after you’re successful, but while you’re gettin there. First of all, it feels really good. Second, unexpected doors fly open. Lately some hollow core doors flew open, metaphorically speaking. A friend wanted some signs made and couldn’t manage the hollow core doors herself and asked Ms. SpoolTeacher if she would like to make some money. “Did someone say MONEY!”

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

So Ms. SpoolTeacher, hoarder that she is, took her 1972 angled-bristle-oil-painting brush, a Purdy flat brush, some rags and a bucket over to be a sign painter for 1 day that turned into 2, (this is a friend whom she has helped many times for what was supposed to be free, but somehow Friend always finds a way to pay her some how; money or things or referrals or such). And on top of this gig being a paying one, it put Ms. SpoolTeacher in her “Happy Place”…mindlessly smearing paint on something, anything.

In the old days of Home Depot, signs were all hand-lettered by employees. Now she thinks they are printed; but in her days of working for them, she was often called upon to letter signs because she was pretty good at making them legible.

She got to make a couple of “artistic” signs as well…Ho, ho, ho, Home Depot

She got to make this collection twice. And they even paid her to work from home. Talk about “Happy Place”!

Ho, ho, ho, Home Depot

Friend had managed to get the paints (from the city dump) Ms. SpoolTeacher recommended, Red, Yellow, Black…well, sort of (colors that are frequently used for stand-out signs), Friend got a near chartreuse yellow, and a bright pink, exacalacally “the colors people look for when scouting yard and estate sales” Friend told her. As it turned out, they worked pretty well to stand out, the yellow from the red, so to speak.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

First she slathered on the pink with her favorite Purdy flat brush…She doesn’t like using a roller, too messy and much more fun to slather.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Then she free-hand painted on the letters with her hoarded 1972 angled-bristle-oil-painting brush and thought she was finished…until she opened that trap of hers and said what Friend was thinking…”I think the letters would look better outlined in black”….

Yep. Day 2: outline all the letters with felt tip black marker! Still, she was in her “Happy Place” so even though it was now a $5 p/hour labor (of love), she knows it will open some more hollow core doors. She’s sure.

Friend said, “Why don’t you sign the bottoms and make up a flyer and I will tell everyone about all the things you do, Ms. Jackie of all Trades SpoolTeacher”. Well, Friend actually called her by her real name. So she signed the bottom and put her SpoolTeacher.com website on it too and off she went to the next entrepreneurial-school-of-doing-what-she-loves-the-money-will-follow-her-everywhere-she-needs-it-to-fun-and-adventurous escapade, (see the escape in that last word?).

Are you doing what you love, even if it means freezing in place cuz electricity to heat is a luxury while clothes upon clothes are not?

Here’s an interesting concept of existing (better) without money…

and here is the sign before black outlines. Better with black, eh?
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

What do you love to do? Are you doing it? Why not?

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